Cambodia Tours offers wide choices of holidays to Cambodia ranging from ultimate luxury with full of relaxation to the most active adventures through the fascinating destinations of the country.

We do provide the customize holidays for those who wish to create their trip in style at their most comfort, convinience and for their very own interests.

1 day elephant tour and TanglangElephant tour within our community rain forest waterfall 

- leave Senmonorom at 08:30 travel by motorbike driver  to Poulung village observe the local habitat , take an elephant,
Ride to local farm rolling hills forests, and river to small water fall, swimming relax picnic lunch, after lunch
You will walk (1km) up to the main road, then continue by vehicle to BouSra water fall after wards visit and
Havecafé at the café plantation, then hill tribes (FICUS tree), forest Ocean (view point) Senmonorom falls
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OtangLangRiver 2 day 1 night

Day 1 - leave Senmonorm at 08:30 travel by MOTO (motorbike driver) to PouTrum village about 15 minute stop and observe the local environment view point, continue by MOTO through the village to Pouramith village ( rice field ) (farm house,call SreLa)  continue off the road to LengNessvillage by motorbike driver, it take about 2h through the  forest, bumpy road stopping, observe along the way, we arrive at about 11:30 crossing the river stop and have picnic lunch by the river, swimming and relax,
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Trek adventure jungle excursion, extreme tour
Day 1: at 8:30 we travel by motorbike driver to Pouramith village on the dusty road stopping along the way observe local environment it took about 1hr 30 minute from the town, then continue off the road through the forest bumpy, rocky on local path to Lengness village,  it take about 1hr:45 minute we arrive at about 11:30 Crosse the river , have  picnic lunch, swimming, visit the ethnic people 30 minute relax , after lunch  we travel by motorbike driver  extreme through jungle up and down the valley  to PhnomAmpouch mountain ,that the meeting of wild animals , gibbon ,Monkey , horn build, pickkock and others, we will arrive at 4:30 camping in the jungle in the middle of somewhere this is the first overnight,
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How to book with Us?
- private trekking to TangLang waterfall Pounong community rain forest and wild life observation day trip or overnight camping in the jungle or home stay at the community village   
price: 2 day 1 night
 2 people $280
 5 people $90 each
available on booking only