Discover north-east top of Cambodia
Adventurous can start discover north-east top of Cambodia, from SiemReap,
Daily, weekly trip , by car or MOTO first day we set off from SeamReap to the north-west toward Svaychek district , then continue to Treas village Pkam commune ThmarPouk district BanteayMeanchey province heading to BanteayChhmar temple, but on the way you will look through the areas and the story of Monyhong life in the army in battle field (5 years sleeping in hammock in the jungle and forest, about the landmine areas and the spirit activity in the jungle, it so many small temples hidden  at forest, mostly are destroy during the war, then heading to BanteayChhmar temple, visit the temple then continue to O darmeanChey province , we travel the hold day, if we finish the time we will overnight in the this town if we still have time will continue to AnlungVeng district , visitting the Khmer rouge old big house and radio mobile truck and the beautiful lack around the house in this town , Day 2 we travel to TrapeangPrasath and up to visit Preavihea temple , after the temple we have 2 road to choice one is go to TbengMeanchey and other is go close and along Leo border and jungle along the road  to Thalabarivath then Crosse the Mekong river to StungTreng province after this town, we have 2 road again, 1 is good , the  other is good then arrive Crosse big river in  SiemPang then start  bumpy road  on the local path it impossible by car only motorbike, in this way we  Crosse 2 big river and 20 smalls river to VernSai and Ranakiri (Banlung) in this city you can do other jungle  trek boat trip, and tour visit different Ethnic village and some waterfalls, and beautiful lake , very good swimming ,after this tow we have 2 direction to go to Mondulkiri but we will Crosse the  Srepok river, heading to Kahnek through  the wilderness protected areas and we can do overnight home stay on the middle way and explore the jungle ,we will arrive Mondulkiri before dark,in this city have 300 waterfalls only 1 is big other small are hidden in the jungle, and many gold mining ,aluminums mining ,wild animals sanctuaries and more , 2 direction again to go to Kratie province 1 is along the road to Snoul the other is through Poutung gold mine, and Kvav gold mining ,then to kratie province,visit Dolphin then go along Mekong river to kampong Cham and Phnompenh.
How to book with Us?
- private trekking to TangLang waterfall Pounong community rain forest and wild life observation day trip or overnight camping in the jungle or home stay at the community village   
price: 2 day 1 night
 2 people $280
 5 people $90 each
available on booking only