Mondulkiri Tour Guide  was created by Mony Hong and Hilltop observatory & Resort corporation. Together, they are providing tourists tours that are closer to the real heart of the Bunong communities. They want to protect the endangered forest and animals that live there, by trying to give financial support to the families nearby by working with the tourists.

How do you do! My name is Mony Hong. I am a tour guide in Mondulkiri, Cambodia.

Mony Hong- Mony means "scholar". in Khmer, it means : he is the guy who knows the good way to go about life, the person who follows the Gods and write it for the future generations. He is quiet, secretive."Hong" is Mony Hong's Grandfather's name. 

Mony Hong is a nature lover. He worked with the NGO Action Contre la Faim for four years in Mondulkiri, for a water supply project, helping poor people have better access to clean water. 

During holidays, he showed tourists around and when his mission ended, he decided to become a tour guide in the area. He likes to explore undiscovered parts of Cambodia.   

We have good comfortable transportation such as car, van, bus, boat, Tuk Tuk....with friendly English speaking drivers and many professional English speaking tour guides.
We have been working as tour guides in Angkor Archeological Park as well as throughout Cambodia since 2000. We have studied widely and are licensed after passing the reliable exam of Tourism Ministry of Cambodia. As we are native to the area, we are specialists in local history, culture, archeology, society, nature, philosophy as well as Cambodian daily life. We are friendly, experienced, reliable, honest, responsible, respectful, punctual, and take exceptional care of visitors. We are also flexible with time and itinerary depending on the tourist's suggestion.

To upgrade our abilities, we often go to short course training on new discovery of archeological sites, ecotourism history, society, and environment held by related departments.
Through these broad studying and experiences with our loving profession, we are ready to show you all around this Kingdom of Wonders. If you choose Cambodia for your holiday, please choose to travel with us. For sure, you will get great experience.

Style lift

1979 to 1984 - living and leaning with the monks in ThmorPouk district BanteayMeanchey province
1984 to 1990 - join the army in the north-west Cambodia, as a code translator front army battle field
1990 to 1992 - learning and working in hospital refugee camp in Thailand about Malaria symptom and Emergency, check blood for Malaria of Laboratory, and help doctor operation and treat for pertain,
1992 to 1998 - learning and working as a jewelry worker in Siemreap and Phnomphenh
1998 to 2002 - MOTO driver and tour guide  in Mondulkiri province
2002 to 2007 - work for NGO Action against Hunger or (Action Contre la Faim) in Mondulkiri as a store keeper
2007 to 2012 - tour guide and driver in Mondulkiri

How to book with Us?
- private trekking to TangLang waterfall Pounong community rain forest and wild life observation day trip or overnight camping in the jungle or home stay at the community village   
price: 2 day 1 night
 2 people $280
 5 people $90 each
available on booking only